Pope Benedict XVI reminds us that: “The People of God assembled for the liturgy sing the praises of God.” Pope Benedict’s statement reminds us that those gathered to celebrate sacred liturgy are the choir.  The assembly is responsible for full and active participation by lifting our voices as one choir to sing the praises of God.


Schola cantorum are those who gather outside of liturgy to learn how to sing the literature that accompanies liturgical action not intended to be sung by the congregation.  The Schola is NOT for the purpose of leading congregational song.  Schola members are required to attend weekly rehearsals, Mass, and other liturgical feasts and solemnities providing the highest level of sacred music to these liturgies.


Schola cantorum meets Wednesdays from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Rowland Educational Building, second floor choir room. The Schola sings for 10:30 Mass from September through Corpus Christi Sunday which is in late spring/early summer.  Additionally the choir sings for Confirmation, Ordinations, All Souls, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and Christmas Eve. For more information or to set up an audition, contact David J. Cochrane at email:


Bel Canto is open to children in grades 4 through 6. The choir practices weekly and sings once a month at the 12:15 Mass, 4:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass, and other liturgies/events from August through May. Choristers must audition to demonstrate the ability to match pitch with Ms. Henry (St. Joseph Catholic School music teacher) or David Cochrane. Choristers are recommended to take 20-minute private voice lessons once a week with the St. Joseph choral scholars. The cost for lessons is $400/per year. There is no cost to join the choir.


To sign up - Click Here


Click Here for the Bel Canto 2019-2020 Schedule (link is coming)

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