Luker-Meyer Scholarship 

In honor of Dr. and Mrs. Luker’s parents, Norman, Shirley, Merlin, and Lois, this annual scholarship fund of $25,000.00 will provide up to 50% scholarships for children from our parish. The purpose of the Luker-Meyer Scholarships is to help parish families with children to have the opportunity of a Catholic education. 


The scholarship is intended to follow the individual child through their time at St. Joseph School. The scholarship is renewable as long as the child continues to demonstrate satisfactory academic performance and the family qualifies through FACTS and fulfills the requirements outlined below. 


Families must be practicing Catholics, active members at Saint Joseph Church and fulfill the need qualification. To demonstrate need, families must first complete the FACTS process. Families must also complete the Tuition Parishioner Discount agreement.


As the scholarship follows each individual child, families must apply for each child they are seeking the scholarship for. Families with students in kindergarten (5k) through sixth grade may apply.


Recipients are required to join Msgr. Harris and Dr. and Mrs. Luker for a beginning of school year luncheon.


Applications are due July 22, 2022. Applications can be completed online or submitted in hardcopy. Applications submitted in paper should be addressed to the Luker-Meyer Scholarship, 3512 Devine Street, Columbia, SC 29205. Scholarship decisions will be communicated to recipients the second week of August. For more information, please contact Adrienne Carroll, Business Manager at