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From The Organ Bench - No. 2 of 14

Last week we learned about the demise of our Moller pipe organ in 2009. This week we back up a few years and start at the beginning. Under Msgr. Harris’ guidance, 16 years ago, our Parish Finance Council put together a long-range list of approximately 12 projects for improving St. Joseph buildings and grounds, including the school. At the time the list was made, the organ functioned fully and therefore the organ was not included in the long-range plan for improvements. It would be two or three years before the organ would begin to seriously decline, finally succumbing in 2009 to two unfortunate situations noted in From the Organ Bench No. 1 of 14. A small temporary electronic organ was purchased until plans could be devised concerning the failed pipe organ. For many complicated reasons, those plans were not forthcoming. Now, going back to the original long-range list of projects… With the completion of the church restroom renovations and addition of the side entrance porticos in February 2022, all but one of the original projects have been completed thanks to deliberate and steady parish leadership. The unfinished project was the painting of a mural in the dome above the high altar. More about that in the future. Brad Cunningham


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