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From The Organ Bench - No. 3 of 14

Sixteen years ago, a long-range plan for improving St. Joseph buildings and grounds, including the school, was implemented by the Parish Finance Council. The organ was not included in the plan because, at the time, it worked. It would be two-three years later that the organ would die and a temporary small electronic organ would replace it. Now, under Msgr. Harris’ guidance, our finance council is ready to discern God’s will regarding building a beautiful new pipe organ to “finish the church” and possibly complete the only unfinished project from the original list of improvements, painting a mural in the dome above the high altar. Here’s where we’ve been...

In March 2019, a little over four years ago, with Msgr. Harris’ approval, prayer and discernment regarding the possibility of building a new pipe organ began, a project that had preceded my arrival and the arrival of Mr. Cochrane, our Director of Sacred Music. An organ fund had already been established and early preliminary work had been accomplished with proposals from various organ builders under the leadership of Janet Marks. After arriving at St. Joseph, ideas and concepts were developed about how to move forward. Many questions needed answers before any proposals could be laid out for the Finance Council’s consideration So, we got to work!

It was determined that an organ committee should be formed, and a professional organ consultant hired to help guide us through the process. Scott R. Riedel & Associates was hired as consultants and seven parishioners answered the call to serve on an investigative committee regarding a possible new organ: Ashley Darnall, Dr. Michael Dickson, Katherine and Howard Ellstrom, Tawfiq Hodaly, and Carol and Jed Shropshire. The committee formed in December 2019 and work began in earnest January 2020.

– Brad Cunningham


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