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From The Organ Bench - No. 4 of 14

Of the seven parishioners ( who answered the call to serve on an investigative committee regarding the possibility of a new or refurbished pipe organ, almost zero/nada/none knew anything about a pipe organ. The first order of business was to educate, educate, educate. Committee members devoured numerous informative articles which you may read on our website ( Many meetings were held over the course of several weeks, and our committee members’ knowledge base grew slowly but surely.

Some questions we needed to answer before presenting any proposals to parish leadership: Should we rebuild what we have? Was the old organ adequate? If it was not adequate, can we add new voices to the old ones? Is the old organ a noteworthy instrument? What might a new pipe organ look like? Who would build it? How long would it take to build a pipe organ? How much would it cost? How long will it last? How do we discern God’s will regarding this possible project? We’ll break down these questions beginning next week! – Brad Cunningham


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