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From The Organ Bench - No. 8 of 14

Answers to questions were needed before the organ committee could take a proposal to Msgr. Harris and the finance council e.g. “Who would build a new organ? What might a new pipe organ look like? How long would it take to build a pipe organ? How much would it cost? How do we discern God’s will regarding this possible project? Who might build a new organ for St. Joseph?” Organ committee members Ashley Darnall, Dr. Michael Dickson, Kathy and Howard Ellstrom, Tawfiq Hodaly, and Carol and Jed Shropshire visited seven installations of four organ companies. They travelled to Augusta, Ga., Williamsburg and Richmond, Va., and Buffalo, NY. You are invited to visit the parish website Sacred Music Ministry>Organ Project for more detailed information and to see pictures of those instruments inspected. I visited one additional instrument in Atlanta of a fifth different builder at the height of the pandemic when it was not safe for everyone to go. After much discernment and discussion, three out of five potential builders were eliminated for various reasons. The other two potential builders were invited to visit Columbia. Because of our over-the-top experience visiting the St. James Episcopal Church in Richmond [] and because of the firm’s total professional approach when meeting with us in Columbia, the committee unanimously chose C.B. Fisk Organ Builders of Gloucester, Mass. as our best choice for builder if/when the time came to build a new organ. This decision was announced to Msgr. Harris Jan. 15, 2022.

Brad Cunningham, Organist


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