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From The Organ Bench | Special Edition 2 of 2

We interrupt our regularly scheduled From the Organ Bench series to bring you this Special Edition.

Last week we established that pipe organs utilizing electro-pneumatic key action are guaranteed to fail in fewer than 50 years. Our first two St. Joseph pipe organs used electro-pneumatic key action. The first one (1949) began failing in 30 years, the second organ (1982) began failing in 27 years. A mechanical (tracker) action organ, on the other hand, can last the life of the building into which it has been placed, barring acts of God, such as natural disasters. The proposed new pipe organ for St. Joseph church is a mechanical (tracker) action organ to be built by one of the nation’s premiere mechanical action builders, C.B. Fisk. Find them online.

Based on current St. Joseph parish data, this mechanical action organ, over the course of (let’s pick a random number, say 200 years), would be used for 4,000 funerals, 2,000 weddings, and 42,600+ liturgies. The same pipe organ used at your children’s Confirmation Mass, First Communion, and wedding day, will be there for their children’s children. A true legacy. Therefore, we want to build a new organ of first-class quality, highly praised for its flexibility and variety of sounds.

Pray for God’s favor and blessing for a new mechanical action pipe organ at St. Joseph church. Create your own litany of saints who might pray for us to the Lord our God. Don’t forget to include St. Joseph! Also, you might include in your litany of the saints, all those sacred music musicians who have gone before us. If you would like to hear more about the project please contact me @

Thank you, Brad Cunningham, Organist


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