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History of the St. Joseph Organs 2 of 2

Although plans were underway in 1979 to replace the failing 1949 Moller organ, those plans changed suddenly. Fthr. Kamler died and was replaced by Fthr. Louis Sterker. Mrs. Margaret (Jackson) McDonald, organist and choir director beginning in 1975, moved to New Jersey and Mrs. Teresa Riley became the new music director and organist. A new organ committee was formed, and a different path was taken. Another Moller organ with electro-pneumatic key action replaced the 1949 instrument in 1982. The 1982 organ failed in 2009 after 27 years of service. It is silent today.

A small electronic organ was purchased in fall 2009 after the 1982 organ drew its last breath. The electronic instrument was intended to be temporary. For many reasons, it was decided to wait for the next generation of St. Joseph musicians to move the parish forward in exploring the possibility of a new St. Joseph pipe organ.

Music directors and organists of St. Joseph Parish

  • 1948-1975 Madame Tremblay Baker, choir director and organist

  • 1975-1981 Margaret (Jackson) McDonald, choir director and organist

  • 1981-2011, Teresa Riley, music director and organist

  • 2011-2013, Janet Marks, acting music director and organist

  • 2014-2019, Janet Marks, music director and organist

  • March 2019, David Cochrane, music director, Brad Cunningham, organist


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