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Organists at St. Joseph's

Praying for the day to hear a full house of parishioners singing! Everyone please stay well.

In researching and writing a short history of our past organists, I’ve come up against two brick walls. Brick wall # 1…

June Niggel Derrick tells me her mother, Margaret Elizabeth Modlin Niggel, played a pump organ that was in the back of the St. Francis de Sales Mission Church. St. Frances de Sales was begun in 1920 and became St. Joseph Parish in 1948. Does anyone know if Mrs. Niggel was the only organist to play at the Mission Church from 1920 until 1948? Brick wall # 2…

Following the first organist of St. Joseph Church, Madame Tremblay Baker (Charlie Baker’s mother), who served as organist and choir director 1948-1975, came Miss Margaret Jackson. Miss Jackson served as organist and choir director from 1975 until late 1980 or early 1981. Miss Jackson is said to have been in her twenties when she was at St. Joseph. Does anyone know what became of Margaret? Did she marry? Where did she go? Where is she? Anything would be helpful.

If you can help with any clues, please drop me a line or call the church office and leave your name and contact information. I will be forever grateful!


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