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We found our “Miss Jackson” #1 of 3

To date, there have been seven organists, beginning with the St. Francis de Sales mission church (1922-48), who served St. Joseph parish: Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Modlin Niggel (1920s- 30s), Mrs. Anton F. Behles (1930s-49), Madame Gertrude Tremblay Baker (1948-1975), Miss Margaret Jackson (1975-81), Mrs. Teresa Riley (1981-2011), and Mrs. Janet Marks, 2002-11 (assistant director of music and organist), 2011-13 (acting director of music and organist), 2014-19 (director of music and organist). I enjoy the historical distinction of being the first male organist at St. Joseph!

It is our “Miss Margaret Jackson” of whom we knew the least. After a bit of sleuth work, “Miss Jackson” was found and I enjoyed a lengthy conversation with her by phone one week ago. If you were a parishioner of St. Joseph parish and had children attending St. Joseph School during this time, most likely you knew “Miss Jackson.”

Margaret grew up in Lexington and started organ lessons with Dr. Walker Breland at age 14. After high school, Margaret entered Columbia College with a double major: church music and organ performance, studying organ with Dr. Edmund Shay. While in school at Columbia, Margaret did subbing work in and around Columbia in various churches. After Columbia College... stay tuned!

Brad Cunningham, Organist


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