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We found our “Miss Jackson” #2 of 3

After completing church music and organ performance undergraduate studies at Columbia College in the early 1970s, Miss Margaret Jackson, who would become organist and choir director of St. Joseph in 1975, was accepted for graduate studies in organ performance at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, and University of South Carolina Columbia. Margaret decided to attend USC. It was at USC that Margaret met our former organist and choir director, Janet Marks.

Margaret recalls being recruited by Father Timothy Watters, parochial vicar of St. Joseph, to sub for weddings and Sunday Masses while attending USC. Madame Tremblay-Baker was still the organist and choir director. Margaret played the Sunday 9 AM and Sunday noon Masses. Madame Tremblay Baker played the 10:30 AM Mass and directed the choir. At this time, Father Alfred F. Kamler, who had served as pastor since 1946, was pastor of St. Joseph Church.

Upon Madame Tremblay Baker’s retirement in 1975, Fr. Watters offered a permanent organist and choir director position to Margaret. Margaret started work at St. Joseph in July 1975. About the same time, Father Creston J. Tawes arrived as pastor of St. Joseph Church. Margaret was 22 years old at the time. To be continued...

Brad Cunningham, Organist


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