From the office of the Director of Religious Education:

 As your new DRE, I am looking forward to getting to know many of you and I am excited to be a part of a new parish wide approach to catechesis.  In the next several weeks, I would like to outline a little bit of what we are planning from the office working in conjunction with the whole faith formation team here at St. Joseph parish and to ask for your help as volunteers.  We are a vibrant and growing parish and have a multitude of ministries in place that are intended to help us all grow closer to Christ through his body the Church.  We are hoping to expand and improve these in order to offer something for each and every member of the parish from our youngest and newest members in the Sacrament of Baptism through our adult parishioners with continuing opportunities for spiritual development and opportunities to learn more about our faith. We are going to structure this new approach around the four pillars of the faith as presented by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, namely, Creed, Sacraments, the moral life, and prayer. I will go a little more in depth with each of these pillars in the next several weeks to explain how they fit into our ministries here at St. Joseph.  Please know that the entire community is in my prayers and I ask for yours as well.  If you have any questions at this time or would like to volunteer for our religious education programs please email me at

Religious Education


Religious Education for Children

Children: Religious Education provides instruction in the Catholic Faith for children in grades 5K through the 7th grade on Sunday mornings at St. Joseph Catholic School, and classes for 8th and up in confirmation preparation classes in conjunction with our youth ministry program. The registration fee is currently $50/student or $150/family.  

Faith Formation for Adults

Adult: Adult Education classes are held at various times throughout the year. These classes cover a wide range of topics and provide adults in our parish with an opportunity to grow both spiritually and intellectually. Please check the bulletin and emails for information about upcoming opportunities.  


Sacramental Preparation

Preparation for the Sacraments is completed either through our CCD classes for children, RCIA for adults or through seminars that are offered throughout the year for Baptism and Marriage. 

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