Information and Guidelines for Public Mass

We must maintain and continue precautionary measures to ensure we are protecting one another from the spread of COVID-19. The following information is for everyone’s safety.


  • Starting September 1st  - Daily Masses (7:30 AM Tues-Fri only) will be held in the Church.

  • Starting September 12th - Weekend Masses will be held in the Church with the 12:15 PM Mass still in the Gymnasium.  Please see Return to Mass in the Gymnasium (below) for protocols for that Mass. We will continue to livestream our 10:30 AM Mass on Facebook/YouTube, with it being closed to the public. 

Mass Times

  • Daily Mass: Tuesday through Friday, 7:30 AM (Church) No registration required

  • Daily Mass: Tuesday through Friday, 12:00 PM - Livestreaming on Facebook/YouTube. Not open to parishioners

  • Saturday Vigil 5:30 PM (Church) Registration required

  • Sunday 8 AM (Church) Registration required

  • Sunday 10:30 AM Livestreaming on Facebook/YouTube, Broadcast 90.9 FM. Not open to parishioners

  • Sunday 12:15 PM (Gym) No registration required


The Bishop has granted dispensation until further notice for all who cannot attend Mass. As always, we ask those who are sick, caring for someone who is sick, immune-compromised, or otherwise at higher risk to remain at home and watch the Mass online.  We fully understand and respect that decision, and for those parishioners, we will continue to livestream our Daily Masses

(T-F at 12:00 PM) and 10:30 AM Sunday Masses on Facebook/YouTube.


The Church will be open for private prayer Monday – Friday, 8:00-3:00 PM.

 Update for Attending Mass: 

 For Those With Children Under Two Years of Age 


The CDC has guidelines in place for those who are under 2 years of age. Those guidelines indicate that children 2 years of age and under should not wear masks due to the risk of suffocation. In accordance with these guidelines, St. Joseph has requested that children under the age of 2 should not attend in – person Mass.


We understand that this is a hardship for many families, and that families want and need to worship together. Unfortunately, our parish “cry rooms” are currently closed throughout most of the Diocese since they are smaller with less circulating air, and make social distancing very difficult, if not impossible.  That being the case, families are being seated together in our church and gym, and families or groups are appropriately spaced according to CDC guidelines, with parishioners over the age of 2 wearing masks. Therefore, families who want to attend with children under 2 certainly may do so.  We encourage families with small children to consider returning to Mass.  Families that allow children under 2 years to attend understand that social distancing keeps the risk of transmission minimized but not absent, and understand the potential of risk. Families are responsible for keeping their family in their designated area and away from other groups of people.  Should you decide to return to in-person Masses, it may be easier and more convenient with children under the age of 2 to consider attending Mass in the gym.  There is more room and reservations are not required.  Children should not be allowed to roam in the church or gym, face mask or not, as it creates risk and distractions for others. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Adrienne Carroll, Business Manager at


For those attending the 12:15 PM Mass in the Gym, please note the following change:

Communion will be distributed during Mass, not at the end of Mass. 

We hope that this change will bring additional reverence back to the Mass, allowing time for prayer and reflection. Please read below so you and your family are aware of the changes.


Eucharist can only be received by hand. 
Sign of peace will be omitted.

  • Per the decision of the Deanery, no Communion will be given on the tongue. At this time, the risk of transmission from parishioners to clergy and other parishioners is too great.

  • Communion under the Precious Blood will not be offered during this time. Communion under the one species is valid.

  • Clergy will wear facemasks while serving Communion.

  • At this time, the Mass in the Gym will continue to utilize the stationary shields for additional safety.

  • Maintain a distance of six-feet-apart queue for Communion, keeping your mask on while in line.

  • Following the six-feet apart rule, approach the communion station and sanitize your hands. 

  • Do not leave your seat until your row is dismissed. Please refrain from switching lines.

  • With your mask on, place your hands out through the opening in the shield to receive Communion. 

  • Step to the side, remove your mask and receive communion while reverently moving away from communion station observing six-feet-apart.

  • Return to your pew and sit in the same space as you were previously sitting

  • If the priest senses his fingers have contacted a person’s hands, he will pause to use hand sanitizer before administering the next host.

  • Parishioners attending Mass may opt not to receive communion but must queue for a blessing.

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