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Rosary Makers

Our Lady’s Rosary Makers is a National Rosary Makers Association out of Louisville, KY started in 1949 by Brother Sylvan Mattingly. He taught people to make rosaries in order to distribute them to missions worldwide without cost. He wanted everyone to have the opportunity to pray the Rosary daily as Our Lady of Fatima requested. 


In 2021, Our Lady’s Rosary Makers at St. Joseph began distributing rosaries throughout all parts of the world as well as to new recruits at Fort Jackson.  They are available to anyone in the parish wanting rosaries for home/hospital ministries.   


We welcome anyone interested in learning to make cord rosaries for the missions and are happy to teach you how. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month in the Gilmore Senior Center in the MAB building.

Or you can make rosaries at home if that is your preference. 



Mary Bettin

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