St. Joseph Catholic Church Library FAQ’s


1. Does the library accept donations?  Yes, the library accepts donations that follow specific guidelines.  A complete description of the guidelines can be found in the St. Joseph Catholic Church Library Collection Development Policy. 


The library will accept, pending approval:


  • New or used books in the following categories:  Non-fiction, Fiction, and Reference in agreement with teachings of the Catholic faith

  • New or used, non-book digital media (DVD’s or audio CD’s only)


The library will not accept:


  • Books with missing or loose pages, damaged bindings, or signs of mold or other infestation
  • Computer software or games
  • Magazines (including National Geographic and Reader’s Digest)
  • Newspapers
  • VHS tapes
  • Cassette tapes
  • LP/vinyl records
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Government documents
  • Pamphlets


2. Where can I drop off donations?  Arrangements can be made for donations to be dropped off at the Church Library by emailing Karen McMullen at  Please print out and complete a Library Gift and Donation Form to bring with your donation.


3. Are the books I donate to the St. Joseph Church Library tax deductible?

Yes.  However, St. Joseph Church Staff are not certified by the Internal Revenue Service to evaluate donated material.  Therefore, individuals must assign their own valuations based on current market value.



4. Who can check out materials from the library?  Members of St. Joseph Catholic Church may register with the library to obtain check-out privileges.  Parents or legal guardians of children 18 years of age or younger will be responsible for all materials borrowed.



5. How long may I keep checked-out materials?  The standard borrowing period for books is 14 days.  The standard borrowing period for journals, DVD’s, etc. is 7 days.  However, a good guideline is to keep fellow parishioners in mind when borrowing materials, and try to return items promptly so that they will be available to others in a timely manner.



6. How many books can I check out at one time?  There is no limit as to how many books you may check out.  You will not be allowed to check out books if you have books that are overdue.



7. Will there be fines for overdue materials?  The St. Joseph Catholic Church Library does not charge fines for overdue materials. 


8. How do I renew books that I currently have checked out?  To renew materials borrowed from the St. Joseph Church Library, please send an email to with your name, title/s of materials, and author/s.  The new due date will be emailed to the borrower.


9. When will the library be open to parishioners?  
Library hours are:


Every Tuesday from 4:30PM-5:30PM

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday immediately following 5:30PM Mass until 7:00PM


Self check-out:

Every Tuesday from 8:00AM-4:30PM

Every Saturday immediately following 5:30PM Mass until 6:45PM


Every Sunday following all Masses until 1:45PM


**If the Library won’t be open during the above stated times, a notice will be placed on the church calendar (available on the Church website, and in the Church Bulletin if the deadline can be met.


10. Where is the St. Joseph Church Library located?  The St. Joseph Church Library is located in the Parish House, which is located directly behind the St. Joseph fountain (between the Church and the Rowland Educational Building).  As you enter the door, the Library is the first door on your right (directly across from where Adoration is held).


11. What if I want to check a book out when the St. Joseph Church Library isn’t staffed?  Fill out a “St. Joseph Church Library Checkout Form”, which are located on the desk in the Library. 


12. Where do I return books when the Library isn’t staffed?  Books should be placed on the desk in the Library where there is a sign that says “RETURN BOOKS HERE”.  Please do not drop books off at the Ministries and Administration Building.



13. How do I make purchase books from the “wish list” to the St. Joseph Church Library “wish list”?  A “wish list” has been created in Amazon.  If you would like to purchase a book to be placed in Library, please go to the Church website (


Click on “Our Parish Library” located near the top, left-hand side of the web page.

Click on “Parish Library”

Click on “Library Wish List”

14. How do I donate a book in “honor of” or in “memory of” someone?  Please email Karen McMullen at .

15. Is there an online catalog?  Yes!  To access to online catalog:
Go to the St. Joseph Church website at 
Place the cursor over “Our Parish Library”. 
Click on “Parish Library”.
Click on “Access to Online Catalog”. 
For more information on how to request a book, see “How to Request a Book”