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Mass Intentions and Memorials/Honorariums

To choose either Mass Intentions or Memorials,

click on the specific link on the Menu Bar .

One additional Intention will be available on

Tuesdays and Thursdays at the 7:30 AM Masses.

Per the 1991 Decree by the Congregation for Clergy, Mos igiturollective, collective intention Masses are allowed . It specifies that the donors  are informed and consent of the donors to combine the offerings in one celebration and the collective intention Masses are not celebrated more than twice a week.  

Please note that due to the size of our parish and the number of intentions available annually, we are limiting Mass intention requests to 3 per parishioner per calendar year.

If you need  an exception to be made for additional Mass Intentions, please email for assistance. 

*View mode only - to request an intention, click here.

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