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Organ Project

As we look toward our future, we need to turn inwards to the sanctity and celebration of Mass. As our parish survey reflects, our Masses are known for the reverence and beauty of the Eucharistic celebrations. Everything we do focuses on the sanctity of Mass, from flowers and altar servers to homilies and music. With this framework guiding our church, we would like our 75th celebration fundraiser to be directed towards a fresco dome, above the high altar, and a new pipe organ. In 1949, a Moller pipe organ was installed in the choir loft. The 1949 electro-pneumatic-action organ began deteriorating in the mid-1970s. In 1981, new pastoral and music leadership led the parish to replace the failing electro-pneumatic organ with yet another Moller electro-pneumatic action pipe organ in 1982. The 1982 replacement organ lasted only 27 years, failing in 2009.  The only type of pipe organ that can last the life of the building in which it is placed, is a mechanical (tracker) action pipe organ. In order to remove our parish from a 30-year build and replace cycle, our organ committee has unanimously recommended the building of a mechanical (tracker) action pipe organ to be built by one of the nation’s foremost mechanical action builders, C.B. Fisk. When the 1982 Moller electro-pneumatic action organ began failing and was damaged during the renovations of our sanctuary in 2009, and we were rapidly approaching a wedding liturgy, the 1982 Moller organ was replaced with an Allen Q-210 electronic organ, intended as a temporary fix. Yet, it is still used today.  


A pipe organ that fits with the tradition of the Roman Catholic ritual is the final piece of our worship space. It would elevate the intrinsic beauty and sanctity by enhancing the mystery, awe, celebration, and thanksgiving of the sacrament. Our church has beauty everywhere – tabernacle, altar, marble, statues, warm wooden accents, and stained-glass windows. These elements elevate our worship. An extended balcony, fresco dome over our altar, and pipe organ would complete the beauty of our sanctuary. These additions would last the lifetime of St. Joseph. Please consider giving to this worthy endeavor.

Rev. Msgr. Richard D. Harris,

Pastor, St. Joseph Catholic Church

For more information on the organ, contact David Cochrane, Director of Sacred Music @ or 803.540.1912.

For more information on giving for this project, contact Adrienne Carroll.

Business Manager @ or 803.254.7646,

ext. 439.

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