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Praying for a New Organ

What should you pray for?

Prayer is focusing on God. It is relying on God first, not ourselves. We please God by asking him for help, by counting on him.


Ask God to bless us with a noteworthy pipe organ

that is rich in diversity of sound and artistically pleasing.


Does God really want you to pray for a new pipe organ?

Absolutely! God wants to hear directly from you. Tell him your petition. Bring it up regularly. God is eager to give good gifts to his children!


Pray with confidence

This is the confidence we have in approaching God:

that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.


Lining up with God’s will

God desires service, work, and worship from all who love him. Did you know there are at least 40 liturgical actions in each weekend Mass, and 17 of those actions are supported by an   organ? Our desire for a new organ fits into the larger picture of service, work, and worship.


Enlist prayers of Saints Who Have Gone Before Us

As Catholics, we have a rich tradition of calling on those who have gone before us to petition God on our behalf. Can you think of someone you know who had an interest in sacred music? Consider enlisting these who have gone before us.

  • Pope Gregory I (loved music of the Church)

  • Pope Pius X (spoke of the pipe organ many times)

  • St. John Henry Newman (accomplished musician)

  • Saint Cecilia (loved music of the Church and was thought to be an organist)

  • Aristide Cavaille-Coll (devout Catholic pipe organ builder 19th century)

  • Alexandre Guilmant (devout Catholic organist and founder of Schola Cantorum, Paris to reform sacred music in the Church, 19th century)


Enlist others to pray with you

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

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