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The Seven Sundays of St. Joseph

The Seven Sundays of St. Joseph is a devotion to the patron of the universal Church. It is related that a ship containing a number of passengers was wrecked off the coast of Holland. Two Franciscan monks, who had clung to a plank for two days, were saved by a man of venerable appearance who miraculously brought them to shore. Upon their asking him who he was, he replied, “I am Joseph, and I desire you to honor my seven sorrows and seven joys.” This was the origin of the devotion of the seven sorrows and seven joys of St. Joseph.


On the seven Sundays preceding his feast, March 19, the faithful have traditionally contemplated a series of circumstances—seven sorrows and joys—in his life so that they might confront the joys and sorrows of their own lives as he did. The Seven Sundays in honor of St. Joseph are observed in the following manner: Holy Communion is received in his honor on seven consecutive Sundays, and on each Sunday, the prayers in honor of the Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of St. Joseph are recited

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