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"one" Ministry

Hospitality/Parish Events

The “one” ministry supports parish hospitality at St. Joseph events through a dedicated group of men and women of all ages.  “One” members are asked to commit their time or talent to only one event per year. ​ Help set up or clean up, make a dish, decorations, help during a reception, provide a dish, pick up and deliver supplies, arrange flowers, design a centerpiece, set up crew, clean up crew, prep food displays, polish silver, staff a beverage or food table, cut the cake, help to decorate, run an errand, anything else you can think of….


Blair Pugh

803.254.7646 ext.428

Send email>>

  • Volunteer a block of time be it for one day, or only one hour

  •  Provide a dish

  •  Pickup and deliver supplies

  •  Arrange flowers

  •  Design a centerpiece

  •  Set up crew

  •  Clean up crew

  •  Prep food displays

  •  Polish silver

  •  Staff a beverage or food table

  •  Cut the cake

  •  Help decorate

  •  Run an errand

  •  Anything else you can think of….

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