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In Memoriam

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the following parishioners and their families for the loss of their loved ones since March 1, 2020. May their souls rest in peace.


Joseph Abdalla (10.24.22) - brother of Alice Abdalla

Edward Albenesius (4.2.20) - father of Kathryn Dannelly, grandfather of Edward Dannelly and Annabel (Parker) Lowrance

Lucy Evans Albenesius (7.5.21) - mother of Kathryn Dannelly, grandmother of Edward Dannelly and Annabel (Parker) Lowrance

Edith Asmer (10.30.21) - parishioner

Tom Atkins (10.1.20) - son of Patricia Atkins

Nancy Barnes (2.7.21) - parishioner 

Pat Barton (6.8.20) - sister of Lenni McCauley (John)

Francis Bayerl (9.14.22) - brother of Harold Bayerl

Harold Bayerl (3.16.23) - parishioner

Carole Beard (5.5.21) - parishioner, wife of Gerald Earles

Barbara Beis (3.24.21) - parishioner

Carrie Lee Belton (4.20.21) - mother of Christine Belton

Jim Bennett (10.3.21) - father of Colette Andrews (Will)

Charles Bertram (11.26.22) - brother of Don Bertram 

David Bertram (3.11.21) - brother of Don Bertram 

Dolores Bettin (11.19.21) - mother of Gary Bettin (Mary)

Kathleen Bodenheimer (11.11.22) - mother of Beth Dworjanyn, grandmother of Jack and Nick Dworjanyn

John Robert Bolchoz, Sr. (7.5.22) - father of Robert (Cheryl) and William (Cari), grandfather of Morgan Rubens (Chris), John, Angela, Paul, Sophia, Henry, Clark and Stella Agnes Bolchoz, and great-grandfather of Anthony and Matthew Rubens

Robert Bradshaw (2.9.23) - parishioner and husband of (Cecelia), father of Chris Charlton (Scott), grandfather of Mary Frances Coker (Tyler), Sarah Charlton, Christopher Charlton, Douglas Charlton (Madison), Joseph Charlton (Brook)

Lindy Bouknight (2.27.23) - parishioner

Margaret Brandon (9.5.22) - parishioner

Mr. Arthur H. Brown, Jr. (11.11.20) - parishioner, husband of Dorothy, father of Marty (Allison) and Peter (Pam), grandfather of Jones, Dorn, Ashley, McKain, Cecelia, and Mary Rutledge Brown

Dolores Brown (4.16.21) - parishioner and mother of Teresa Brown 

Sybil Buckland (1.3.23) - parishioner and mother of Lt. Col. Robin Buckland Foskey, USAF (Ret.) (SGM Hugh Foskey, USA (Ret.)) and Sharyn Buckland Garner (David)

Mary Allene LeFevre Buddin (11.16.21) - mother of Amy Buddin, grandmother of Maggie and Pete Bliek

Joan Bumstead (4.29.20) - parishioner and wife of John Bumstead

Carol May Burtness (2.14.23) - sister of Richard Georgson

Elisabeth Bussinah (6.18.21) - parishioner and mother of Rachel Cross 

Caliste J. Cambre, Jr. (10.20.21) - parishioner and wife of Jane

Lula Camp (6.8.21) - mother of Chavous (Andrea), grandmother of Helen and Chavous, Jr.

Dan Camp (3.2.22) - father of Chavous (Andrea), grandfather of Helen and Chavous, Jr.

Jim Campbell (4.21.20) - father of David Campbell (Reba)

Maria Carter (2.22.23) - parishioner

Charles Douglas Charlton (11.13.22) - father of Scott Charlton (Chris), grandfather of Mary Frances Coker (Tyler), Sarah Charlton, Christopher Charlton, Douglas Charlton (Madison), Joseph Charlton (Brook)

Francis Mugodi Chimavi (7.11.21) - nephew of Sister Vitalina Chimavi

Philemon Chimavi (2.8.21) - brother of Sister Vitalina Chimavi

Danuta Chmura (4.19.21) – mother of Lech Chmura (Teresa), grandmother of Tom (Leigh Ann) and Eva (Robert)Johnson, grandmother of Gabby, Ellie, Alexa and Nick

Dorothy Burnett Clawson (10.30.21) - mother of Debby Johnson (Jim), grandmother of Kirsten and Jessika

Marianne Coates (2.7.22) - cousin of Terry Skelley

Walter Richard Coker (2.1.21) - parishioner

Richard Thomas Colbert, Jr. (2.2.21) - father of Patricia Cely (Patrick), grandfather of Bethany, Mary Frances and Samantha Cely and Rose Dolbashina

Catherine Conway (5.30.21) - sister of Tony Haughey 

Donnie Cooper (1.22.23) - parishioner, husband of Sheila and father of Maria Hope, son-in-law of Merilee Hill

Allison Corbett (8.7.22) - parishioner and wife of Jim Corbett, mother of Sean, Sam and Kate

Lacey Renee Cortese (2.2.21) - parishioner

Mary Sue Crump (12.12.21) - mother of Todd Crump

Roberto Alicea Cruz (2.23.22) - parishioner and husband of Sandy

Lillian Louise Cunningham (1.19.23) - parishioner and sister of Ann Funderburk (Jerry)

Mary Dannerbeck (2.27.22) - parishioner and wife of Francis

Jane Thomasson Darnall (2.21.23) - mother of Lyle Darnall (Ashley), grandmother of Elliott Curry (Seth) and

Claire Boynton (Michael)

Hildegard Dawson (12.23.21) - parishioner

Dolores DeJames (2.7.21) - parishioner and mother of Karen Hattler (James)

Bonnie DelVecchio (9.4.22) - sister of Beth Barry (Thomas)

Mary Jo Denhard (8.30.20) - sister of Beth Barry (Thomas)

Sharon Donald (3.16.20) - mother of Karen Tanner (Ray), grandmother of Grace, Luke and Maggie Tanner

Doris Durand (1.1.23) - parishioner and mother of Laura Marino (Bob), grandmother of Diana Von Plinsky (Allen), Daniel Marino and Andrew Marino, great grandmother of Emma, Foster, and Lucy

Marianne Estock (1.5.21) - parishioner

Carla Bradshaw Eubank (11.22.20) - daughter of Robert and Cecelia Bradshaw, and sister to Chris Charlton (Scott)

Robert Felix (3.24.20) - parishioner and husband of Judy Felix

Charles Scott Fennessy (12.2.22) - brother of Richard Fennessy (Colleen)

Thomas Foy (12.1.22) - parishioner and husband of Willette, father of Lee Ann Price (Dial), Janice Dinkel (Don), Barry Foy, and Thomas Foy, III, grandfather of Adam (Nina), Maia, Ella, Cherry Foy, Maureen Price, Dr. Ashlee Price Gregory (Joe), and Great Grandfather of Caelan and Teagan

Ann Frencel (9.14.20) - sister of Katie Herbkersman

Sergeant Major Joseph F. Fricker (6.12.20) - parishioner and father of Dianne Fricker Ferguson and Melissa Fricker Ray, grandfather of Joe Ray

Paul Kemper Fuller (8.28.20) - grandfather of Todd Dipner (Vivian)

John Gehringer (8.4.20) - parishioner, husband of Maria Gehringer, father of Vince, Erin, Nick, Jake and Mariah, grandfather of Thomas Maddox

Viola Georgeson (8.23.20) - parishioner and wife of Richard Georgeson

Janette Gleaton (5.3.22) - parishioner

Selma Goodwin (3.12.22) - parishioner and mother of Sonja Burrows

Annie Gonzalez (10.18.21) - sister-in-law of Maria Carrero 

Christopher Grant (2.3.23) - parishioner and husband of Therese

Robert Greaney (11.6.20) - parishioner

Andrew Greenberg (9.9.20) - husband of Mary McElveen Greenberg, and son-in-law of Bill and Tammy McElveen

Raymond Greiner (1.3.23) - parishioner, father of Mark (Karen)

Stefan Guenter Griesbach (9.18.21) - son of Ursula Griesbach, sister of Irene Griesbach

William Griffin (7.6.22) - parishioner and husband of Mary

Zion Dean Giusti (10.9.21) - parishioner, son of Gino and Edith, brother of Aizik, Logan and Giada

Maria Hanley (12.30.22) - parishioner and wife of Jerry (deceased)

Kathryn Harrill (1.3.21) - mother of Allison Corbett

Ann Herrschaft (7.27.20) - parishioner

Barbara Hevia (1.13.22) - parishioner

Virginia Hougham (4.4.20) - mother of Andrea Hughes

Laila Rose Houser (1.29.23) - daughter of Lonnie Brooks Houser

Mary Ann Hux (3.14.21) - parishioner and wife of Bob Hux (deceased)

Robert (Bob) Hux (2.13.21) - parishioner and husband of Mary Ann Hux (deceased)

Harold Jerome (Romie) Ingram (1.23.23) - parishioner 

Jennifer Jackson (2.23.21) - daughter of Dianne Light

Ollie Jashinsky (11.15.22) - sister of Pat Wegrzynowski (John)

Alfred Johnson (9.7.21) - parishioner

George William Johnson (8.14.20)

Barry Jones (3.22.20) - father of Russell Jones and brother of Russ Jones

David Jones (3.3.20) - father of Paige Gossett (Jeff), grandfather of Jackson, Ainsley, and Anna Katherine Gossett

Arthur A. Joseph (10.27.20) - parishioner and husband of Dorothy Lydon Joseph 

June Williams Jovanelly (12.13.21) - parishioner

Mary Ann Knoll Kennedy (12.19.20) - mother of Kathy Wilbur (Mike), grandmother of Mary, Sarah, Joe and Peter

Johanna Killoy (8.18.21) - parishioner, mother of Beth Barb (Mike), Joanne Mubarak (Philip), Karen Greiner (Mark), Bill Killoy (Nell), Kevin Killoy (Sue), Michael Killoy (Beth)

Alan Joseph Kirby, Jr. (12.17.21) - parishioner and father of Father Jeffrey Kirby

Bridget Felix Kneece (10.22.21) - daughter of Judy Felix

Sarah Kummer (3.29.21) - parishioner

John W. Ledlie (5.9.20) - husband of Margaret, and father of Laura Ledlie and Cara Condra (Gregg), grandfather of Cameron, Jack, Kristen and Ivy

Jean LeFevre (11.25.22) - uncle of Amy Buddin

William (Bill) Leidinger (2.12.21) - parishioner and husband of Karen Leidinger

Shields Osborne Levatino (9.2.2020) - wife of Anthony Levatino (previously deceased)

Manuel Lifchez (10.30.20) - father of Jeanmarie Lifchez, and brother-in-law of Tinka Tiemann

Rose Anne Livingston (8.15.21) - mother of Dr. Crosby Livingston (Bonnie)

Joseph Loeffler (5.28.22) - parishioner

Vincent Loia (2.28.21) - father of Robert Loia (Betty), grandfather of Bernadette and Peter Loia

Scott Long (9.24.21) - parishioner and husband of Lori, father of Casey, Austin, and Michaela Long 

Sister Maria Lovett (11.26.22) - former parishioner and teacher of St. Joseph School

Michael Lydon (12.1.21) - parishioner and husband of Alice

Angelina Maggio (7.18.20) - mother of Lori Long (Scott), grandmother of Casey, Austin, and Michaela Long

Donald Mahoney (2.16.21) - parishioner and husband of Arlene Mahoney

David Allen Marcus Sr. (4.21.21) - father of Buff Long, grandfather of Crosby Long

Harrison Marumisa (10.9.22) - nephew of Sister Vitalina Chimari

Joye Marsha (4.9.21) - wife of Stephen Marsha

Leon Marsha, Jr. (3.13.20) - parishioner, husband of Natalie Marsha, and father of Stephanie McCabe (Mike) and Cecelia Zimmerman (Steve), grandfather of Allie, Katie, Ainsley, Natalie, Julia, and Taylor

Frances Martin (3.10.21) - sister of Regina Spell

Ila Jean Martin (3.22.21) - sister of Regina Spell

Margaret Elaine Martin (1.11.22) - sister of Regina Spell

Vincent Martin (3.6.20) - brother of Regina Spell

Maria Martinez (7.1.20) - parishioner 

Damien Masse (10.29.20) - parishioner and brother of Chris Castellano

Patrick McCabe (11.3.21) - brother of Mike McCabe (Stephanie)

Mary McClement (7.29.20) - parishioner

Anne George Wheat McCollum (5.1.20) - mother of Ken Wheat

Helen McCormac (8.31.22) - parishioner

Mary Ann McDonald (4.12.21) - parishioner

Diane McDougall (4.4.20) - parishioner

Michael McGuire (7.29.22) - grandfather of Ernie King

Christopher Ward Mercer (2.18.22) - son of Carol Mercer, brother of Judy Fleshman (Ed), and Ellen Adams (Tim)

Leona Melson (5.10.20) - parishioner

Susan Carter Melson (7.25.20) - daughter of Leona and Fred Melson 

Susan Miller (5.20.21) - mother of Mitch Michaelis (Gayle)

Paula Mills (10.19.21) - sister of Maggie Witkoski

Patricia Anne Miranda (1.20.22) - parishioner

Edward Moise (4.10.20) - father of Ashley Darnall (Lyle), grandfather of Elliot and Claire Darnall

Mary Lou Monckton (1.21.23) - parishioner and mother of Elizabeth Monckton Jatczak (John) and Mary Frances Monckton Hendrix (Andrew); and grandmother of Emily, Madeline and Abigail Jatczak and Sarah and Grace Hendrix

Rosanna Mottola (4.18.22) - mother of George Kessler (Monica)

Malia Sue Myers (2.5.23) - daughter of Sue Myers

William Sammie Napier (9.30.22) - uncle of Monsignor Harris

Ernest Nauful (4.28.20) - parishioner and husband of Brenda Nauful

Margaret DeHihns Nauful (1.20.23), sister of Mary Lu Dalton (Roderick) and Geralyn DeHihns Swygert (Mark), and sister-in-law of Marie Nauful (Steve)

David Nelligan (12.30.21) - parishioner and husband of Joanne

Kathryn Niggel (2.3.21) - parishioner

Grady North, Sr.  (5.6.20) - husband of Stephanie North

John Norcia (2.27.22) - parishioner

Richard Orf (12.16.21) - parishioner and husband of Anita Bernardin Owens Orf

Kathy Ortlund (10.12.22) - parishioner and wife of Jeffrey, children Eric (Holly), Doug (Carly), grandmother of Kaegan, Avery, Tait, Knox and Zoey

Patrick O'Shea, Jr. (8.8.21) - son of Patrick and Eleanor O'Shea 

Theresa Osthoff (6.6.20) - sister of Regina Spell

Jeanne Palyok (8.12.22) - parishioner and mother of Mike Palyok (Mary Kay)

Helen Abdalla Pellici (1.1.23) - parishioner 

Maximino Perez (9.8.21) - father of Emiliano Perez (Carmen Novellas)

Betty Procko (5.11.22) - parishioner and wife of Walter

Jeanne Puchala (8.2.22) - mother of Madeline Broderick (Chris), grandmother of Alec Ward and Maxwell Ward

Josiah M. Patterson (5.28.20) - grandson of Ruth and Robert Patterson

Patricia Moore Payne (10.14.22) - parishioner and wife of Bill

Jerry Phalen (12.15.21) - brother of Katie Herbkersman

Maureen Phalen (6.29.21) - sister-in-law of Katie Herbkersman

Tana Camille Pignitor (6.25.21) - parishioner and wife of Raymond 

Tan Platt (8.19.20) - parishioner and husband of Nancy Platt

Joseph J. Powell (6.25.20) - brother of Dennis Powell

Jeanne Puchala (8.2.22) - wife to Donald Puchala. mother to Madeline Broderick (Chris), grandmother to Alexis Broderick, Alex Ward, and Max Ward

William Pugh (4.30.20) - father of Steve Pugh (Blair), grandfather of Leighton and Ford Pugh

Victor Raj (4.19.21) - son of Stephen and Lalida Raj, brother of Claire Raj (Derek Black), uncle of Malina Black

Charles Rando (9.25.22) - parishioner and husband of Jane

William Ranson (2.11.23) - parishioner and husband of Carol Able

Annie Ruth Redd (7.10.22) - aunt of Monsignor Richard Harris

Cecil Redd (11.27.22) - uncle of Monsignor Richard Harris

Clay Rendon (11.8.22) - parishioner and husband of Leonor, father of Nick, stepfather of Maria (Anthony) and Cinthia (Fernado), grandfather of David, Mia, Liana, Emma, and Sofia, and great grandfather of Ava

Donald Richardson (4.21.22) - husband of Carol, father of Kathryn Waizenhofer (Robert), Karen Walsh (Patrick), and Julie Keenan (William), grandfather of Will, Megan, and Ellie Waizenhofer, Anna Grace Walsh, and Liam and Frances Keenan

Richard Rienecker (8.14.20) - parishioner

Anne Robinson (9.17.20) - parishioner and wife of Robert Robinson

Margaret Rogers (6.10.20) - mother of Dan Rogers (Karen), grandmother of Christina, Elizabeth, Joshua and Gabriel Rogers

Ian Roof (1.25.23) - parishioner and son of Gary and Cindy Roof, brother of Stephanie

Ann Royal (11.8.21) - parishioner

Amalie Rudd (8.26.22) - parishioner

Lynn Rutledge (1.15.23) - sister of Pam Brown (Peter)

James Seigler Rush, Jr. (7.8.21) - brother of Libby Tompkins (Sims)

William Rutledge (4.16.20) - father of Pam Brown (Peter), grandfather of Ashley, McKain, Cecelia, and Mary Rutledge Brown

Andrew Ryan, Jr. (2.27.23) - former parishioner

Walter Sagrera (12.24.21) - parishioner and husband of Sophie, father of Christopher

Robert Sakara (12.21.20) - parishioner and husband of Anne Sakara

Rich Sayers (5.30.22) - parishioner

Susan Sisario Saulnier (4.8.21) – daughter of Margot & John Sisario

Margaret Cecilia Schum (5.5.22) - mother of Mary Ann Powell (Dennis)

Victor Schwartz (10.19.20) - parishioner

Peggy Scott (3.19.22) - parishioner

Anna Seidler (11.7.21) - sister of Hilde Meisner (Paul)

Ferial Shalhoub (8.22.22) sister of Freddie Mubarak (Diane), and Philip Mubarak (Joanne)

Eileen Brooks Sharpe (2.2.21) - mother of Christy Trogdon (Ken), grandmother of Lakyn (Hampton) Johnson and McKenna Trogdon

Austin Sheheen  (8.29.20) - father of Donna Watson (Mitch), grandfather of Amy (Aaron) Dupree, Mary Katherine (John) Thompson, Elizabeth (Alex) Kubas, and Joanna (Joe) Walling  

Betty Shepherd (4.1.21) - parishioner and mother of Pam O'Toole

Joyce Ann Shuler (8.7.20) - parishioner, wife of Earl Shuler, and mother of Wayne and Chris Shuler

Anthony Skelley (5.8.22) - nephew of Terry Skelley

Ala Sledzinska (March 18) - sister of Teresa Chmura (Lech), aunt of Tom Chmura (Leigh Ann) and Eva Johnson (Robert).

Anne M. Smith (12.6.20) - parishioner

Major James Glyn Smith, Jr. (12.8.21) - parishioner and husband of Mary

John Smith (6.18.20) - parishioner and husband of Rosemary Smith

Marylu Smoak (2.28.22) - mother of Stephen Smoak

Coleman Sonefeld (9.14.22) - parishioner and son of Bobbie and Steve Sonefeld; brother of Trevor Sonefeld

Eldred Spell (12.8.22), brother-in-law of Regina Spell (Everett)

David McCloy Steck (12.9.21) - father of Michael Steck (Amanda)

Margaret Mary Steele (2.16.23), mother of Anne Maroney (Michael), grandmother of Michael, Daniel and Brian

Harold Stephens (5.10.22) - brother of Barbara Williams (Bobby)

Shirley Stiglbauer (12.18.20) - parishioner

Peter Stirling (9.17.20) - father of Bryan Stirling (Jennifer), grandfather of Catherine Grace and Davis

Fred Stork (2.14.21) - parishioner and husband of Betty Stork

Nancy Stringer (1.5.23)- mother of Mary McNerney (Kevin), grandmother of Garrett, Katherine, and Mary Margaret

Maria Suarez (6.29.22) - parishioner and mother of Jose (Leigh)

Eileen Sullivan (9.18.21) - parishioner

Rebecca Swain (4.1.21) - parishioner 

Colonel Thomas J. Swanton (4.21.21) - brother of Sister Mary Cecile Swanton, C.S. JB.

Laura McLean Taylor (12.5.21) - mother of Anne Sims (Lana)

Nettie Taylor (12.22.22) - former parishioner and Director of Religious Education, and wife of Jimmie

Charles Timmons (7.19.21) - brother of Mary Fitzsimons

Clifford Thomas (9.23.21) - parishioner

Marcella Thomas (6.2.20) - parishioner

Mike Tronco (9.14.22) - parishioner, husband of Cobra Tronco

Eileen Turnage (1.14.22) – daughter of Paula & David Flynn

Natali Turner (11.12.22) - parishioner and mother of Jimmie Patterson, Christopher Patterson (Margaret), William “Bill” Patterson and his fiancé Denise Johnson, and Sean Patterson (Joanna)

Ana Vallini (5.1.21) - sister of Daniel Vallini (Mirtha)

David Verver (2.22.23) - father of Jeff Verver (Julie) and grandfather of Penelope and Tyson

Carol Warren (10.1.21) - parishioner and wife of Lewis, mother of Mary Kayse, grandmother of Cooper Schroeder)

Ella Washburne (2.21.22) - parishioner and wife of Robert

Robert Washburne (10.3.22) - parishioner 

John Langtry Washington (4.29.22) - father of Bill Washington (Katie) and Hilary Wilson (Joe), grandfather of John, Conor, and Matthew Washington, and Henry and Virginia Wilson

Dorothy Watson (9.20.20) - parishioner and mother of Bob Watson (Candy), grandmother of Alex, Koty, Kendall, and Logan Watson

Irene Wegrzynowski (7.27.21) - parishioner and mother of John Wegrzynowski (Pat)

Francis Wells (6.3.21) - parishioner and husband of Joan

Evelyn Whitney West (3.1.21) - grandmother of Buff Long, great grandmother of Crosby Long

Kathryn White (7.1.21) - mother of Jerry White

Mark Whitlark (6.9.22) - brother of Merge Ballou and Forrest Whitlark

Doris Laverne Wilbur (7.19.20) - stepmother of Mike Wilbur (Kathy), grandmother of Mary, Sarah, Joe and Peter

Carmel Rose Williams (11.18.21) - mother of Chase Hicks (Margaret) and Rob Vance (Gretchen), sister of Bobby Williams (Barbara), Mark Williams (Carol), Jimmy Williams (Donna), John Williams (Monica), and Anna Williams Rossi

Jervase Williamson (9.10.20) - parishioner and wife of Ray Williamson

Robert D. Wilroy, Sr. (7.31.20) - father of Jane Trinkley

Carol Smoak Wilson (8.4.22) - sister of Stephen Smoak

Phil Wilson (12.11.20) - parishioner and husband of Beth Wilson, father of Margaret (John), Dorothy (Jay), Bebe (Blake), and Jane Mobley (Reid); grandchildren, Eady deTreville, Ward Chocklett, Jane deTreville, Helen Asay, Jack Asay, Wilson Chocklett, Weston Mobley, Blake Mobley

Jerrilyn Winterstein (5.2.20) - mother of Tom Winterstein (Angie), grandfather of Tommy, Danny, Nicky, J.D., Robby Winterstein

Zygmunt Wlodarczyk (10.31.20) - brother in law of Teresa Chmura (Lech)

Silvana Yaghi (4.7.21) - parishioner

Patricia Zimmerman (6.23.21) - parishioner and wife of Claude, mother of Father John Zimmerman

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