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In Memoriam

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the following parishioners and their families for the loss of their loved ones in 2023 and 2024. May their souls rest in peace.


Jim Addison (7.6.23) - predeceased by his first wife, Elaine Addison, survived by his wife, Clara Addison; father of

Anna Maria Hatfield, Jimmy Addison, Joe Addison, and Angie Haddad

Alberto Gaston Alvarez (10.28.23) - parishioner, predeceased by his wife, Maria, father of Virginia Peacock (David) and Vivian Dipner (Todd), grandfather of Tyler Williams, and Austin and Andrew Dipner  

Richard Andrews (11.9.23) - brother of Will Andrews (Colette), uncle of Casey Cornwell (Adam) and

Bennett Wolford (Doug), great uncle of Charlie, Colette, Will, Mac and Cece

Roxane Barnick (3.13.24) - parishioner and wife of Vaughn, mother of Carolyn and Rex

Harold Bayerl (3.16.23) - parishioner

Robert Bradshaw (2.9.23) - parishioner and husband of (Cecelia), father of Chris Charlton (Scott), grandfather of Mary Frances Coker (Tyler), Sarah Charlton, Christopher Charlton, Douglas Charlton (Madison), Joseph Charlton (Brook)

Lindy Bouknight (2.27.23) - parishioner

Doris (Dottie) McAlpin Bradley (4.23.23), mother of Robert Foster Bradley, V (Shannon), grandmother of Jennan,

Briget and Campion

Sarah Briley (7.22.23) - mother of Wanda Briley

Francis Edward Britting, Jr. (12.7.23), father of Frank Britting, grandfather of Sophia and Elizabeth

Melissa Brown (4.22.23) - daughter-in-law of Vicki Brown

Sybil Buckland (1.3.23) - parishioner and mother of Lt. Col. Robin Buckland Foskey, USAF (Ret.) (SGM Hugh Foskey, USA (Ret.)) and Sharyn Buckland Garner (David)

John Bumstead (3.30.23) - parishioner and husband of Joan Bumstead (deceased)

Carol May Burtness (2.14.23) - sister of Richard Georgson

John Campbell (8.8.23), parishioner and husband of Joan, father of Jay (Eveline), Sam (Charlotte), and Emily Ragland (Mike), grandfather of  Connor Barry Campbell and Oliver Quinn Campbell

Maria Carter (2.22.23) - parishioner

Sue Cluxton (9.8.23) - former parishioner

Marianne Coates (2.7.22) - cousin of Terry Skelley

Walter Richard Coker (2.1.21) - parishioner

Richard Thomas Colbert, Jr. (2.2.21) - father of Patricia Cely (Patrick), grandfather of Bethany, Mary Frances and

Samantha Cely and Rose Dolbashina

Catherine Conway (5.30.21) - sister of Tony Haughey 

Donnie Cooper (1.22.23) - parishioner, husband of Sheila and father of Maria Hope, son-in-law of Merilee Hill

Betty Crisp (7/27/23) - parishioner and wife of Ted

Michael Culbertson (3.11.24) - former parishioner and father of Maria Culbertson, Nathasha Westcott (Patrick), and Michael Culbertson, Jr. (Barbara), predeceased by his wife, Savi.

Lillian Louise Cunningham (1.19.23) - parishioner and sister of Ann Funderburk (Jerry)

Lorraine Stephens Dabney (4.2.24), sister of Barbara Williams (Bobby), aunt of Taje Davis (Mike), Robert Williams (Elizabeth), Matt Williams (Ashley), and Chris Williams (Katherine)

Jane Thomasson Darnall (2.21.23) - mother of Lyle Darnall (Ashley), grandmother of Elliott Curry (Seth) and

Claire Boynton (Michael)

June Niggel Derrick (4.11.24) - parishioner

Doris Durand (1.1.23) - parishioner and mother of Laura Marino (Bob), grandmother of Diana Von Plinsky (Allen),

Daniel Marino and Andrew Marino, great grandmother of Emma, Foster, and Lucy

Cathleen Skelley Eacuvetto (7.15.23) - sister of Terry Skelley

David Michael Flynn (3.9.24) - parishioner and husband of Paula Fry Flynn, father of David Michael (Mickey) Flynn, Jr. (Kylie Kavanagh), Moira Suzanne Flynn, Daniel Paul Flynn, Patrick William Flynn (Sharon), and Terence Colin Flynn (Debbie), and brother of Sue Whitehead

Eileen Glamp (3.8.24) - parishioner and mother of Mary Beth Miskelly

Richard Grabowski (3.27.23) - parishioner

Christopher Grant (2.3.23) - parishioner and husband of Therese

Raymond Greiner (1.3.23) - parishioner, father of Mark (Karen)

Claire Hadfield (5.1.24) - sister of Joanne Anderson (Skip)

James Hattler (4.15.23) - parishioner and husband of Karen, father of Erika Hattler (Ali) and Sara Dickerson (Matt), and grandfather of Zane

Lisa M. Heckenkamp (6.10.23), sister-in-law of Mary Bettin (Gary) 

Laila Rose Houser (1.29.23) - daughter of Lonnie Brooks Houser

Harold Jerome (Romie) Ingram (1.23.23) - parishioner 

James LeBlanc (3.24.24) - parishioner, husband of Sheila, father of Rene, Evanne and Jennifer, father-in-law to Emanuela, Buddy, and Ethan; grandfather to Tristan, Xavier, Andre and Antonio

Margaret Ledlie (2.5.24) - parishioner, predeceased by husband, Jack, and father of Laura Ledlie and Cara Condra (Gregg), grandfather of Cameron, Jack, Kristen and Ivy

Laura Lenski (2.5.24) - parishioner, mother of Jacob, Joseph and Michael

Allen Crosby Livingston (8.24.23) - father of Dr. Crosby Livingston (Bonnie)

Patricia Geraty McBurney (12.10.23) - mother of Robb McBurney (Mindy), and grandmother of Cooper and Mary Cates

Mildred McQuitty (4.18.24) - parishioner and mother of Gwen Skipper (Malcolm)

Edmond McElroy (2.20.24) - uncle of Mary Ann Powell (Dennis)

Christina Helen McKinney (4.9.23) - daughter of Libba Anderson

Gary McKinney (10.21.23) - father of Carissa McKinney Cochrane (David)

Leslie Ann Michael (8.23.23) - parishioner

Ingeburg R. Miller (2.16.24) - mother of Chris Segars (Carlton), grandmother of Claire and Clayton

Mary Lou Monckton (1.21.23) - parishioner and mother of Elizabeth Monckton Jatczak (John) and Mary Frances Monckton Hendrix (Andrew); and grandmother of Emily, Madeline and Abigail Jatczak and Sarah and Grace Hendrix

Halley Moore (8.3.23) - parishioner, daughter of Tracy Moore, granddaughter of Merilee Hill & Joseph Kopack

Fadia Mubarak (10.7.23) - mother of Freddy Mubarak (Diane) and Phillip Mubarak (Joanne)

Malia Sue Myers (2.5.23) - daughter of Sue Myers

Margaret DeHihns Nauful (1.20.23), sister of Mary Lu Dalton (Roderick) and Geralyn DeHihns Swygert (Mark), and

sister-in-law of Marie Nauful (Steve)

Patrick O'Gorman (6.15.23) - parishioner and husband of Paula O’Gorman, father of Kaitlyn and Philip O’Gorman,

and grandfather of Benjamin

Michael Benjamin Paige (2.12.24) - former parishioner and predeceased by his parents, Norman and Nancy Paige

Helen Abdalla Pellici (1.1.23) - parishioner

Raymond "Ray" Pignitor (4.23.24) - parishioner

William Ranson (2.11.23) - parishioner and husband of Carol Able

Tom Robinson (7.31.23), brother of Vicki Brown

Ian Roof (1.25.23) - parishioner and son of Gary and Cindy Roof, brother of Stephanie

Monica DeHihns Rook (4. 24.23), sister of Mary Lu Dalton (Rod) and Geralyn DeHihns Swygert (Mark)

Rose Rotureau (2.28.24) - stepmother of John Rotureau (Julie)

Lynn Rutledge (1.15.23) - sister of Pam Brown (Peter)

Andrew Ryan, Jr. (2.27.23) - former parishioner

Claudia Maria Sarmiento (5.4.23) - granddaughter of Katherine and Joseph Stankovics

Pedro A. Sepulveda, III (9.3.23) - parishioner and son of Hilda Pacheco Sepulveda and the late Pedro Avilio Sepulveda, Jr.

Henry Shaw, Jr. (6.15.23) - husband of Judith Shaw

Joan Anderson Sheheen (3.1.24) - mother of Donna Sheheen Watson (Mitch), grandmother of  Amy Dupree (Aaron),

Mary Katherine Thompson (John), Elizabeth Kubas (Alex), and Joanna Walling (Joe), great-grandmother of Emory, Watson, Boland and Anna West Dupree, Anderson, Mary Attis and Pierce Thompson, Mak, Katherine Marie, Elizabeth, Ryan and Jake Kubas, and Baker and Woodrow Walling

Ala Sledzinska (3.18.23) - sister of Teresa Chmura (Lech), aunt of Tom Chmura (Leigh Ann) and Eva Johnson (Robert)

Gloria Evans Fincher Smith ((5.27.23), mother of Cheryl Wheat (Ken), grandmother of Leslie Dubey (William),

Lori and Kimberly

Marjorie Padour Smith (12.16.23) - parishioner and mother of Jennifer Smith Dearing (Chris), grandmother of Kaitlyn Marie Jones (Tinsley Long), Lindsay Stokes Koester (Nick), Kelsey McNair Dearing, a great-grandson; Fulton Christopher Koester.

Margaret Mary Steele (2.16.23), mother of Anne Maroney (Michael), grandmother of Michael, Daniel and Brian

Richard Edward Steele (4.3.24), father of Mary Grace Hollingsworth

Martin Sterling (7.13.23) - father of Lindsey Vann (Matthew)

Nancy Stringer (1.5.23)- mother of Mary McNerney (Kevin), grandmother of Garrett, Katherine, and Mary Margaret

Michael Strong - parishioner 

Sophie Thompson (8.3.23) - parishioner

David Verver (2.22.23) - father of Jeff Verver (Julie) and grandfather of Penelope and Tyson

Maggie Witkoski (3.30.23) - parishioner

David Edward Yates (9.14.23) - father of Christine Blake (Patrick), grandfather of Thomas and Sam

Hoyt Yates (6.30.23), brother-in-law of Gwen Skipper (Malcolm)

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