In Memoriam

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the following parishioners and their families for the loss of their loved ones since March 1, 2020. May their souls rest in peace.



Edward Albenesius (4.2.20) - father of Kathryn Dannelly

Pat Barton (6.8.20) - sister of Lenni McCauley

Joan Bumstead (4.29.20) - parishioner and wife of John Bumstead

Jim Campbell (4.21.20) - father of David Campbell

Sharon Donald (3.16.20) - mother of Karen Tanner

Robert Felix (3.24.20) - parishioner and husband of Judy Felix

Sergeant Major Joseph F. Fricker - parishioner and father of Dianne Fricker Ferguson and Melissa Fricker Ray

Virginia Hougham (4.4.20) - mother of Andrea Hughes

Barry Jones (3.22.20) - father of Russell Jones and brother of Russ Jones

David Jones (3.3.20) - father of Paige Gossett

John W. Ledlie (5.9.20) - husband of Margaret Ledlie, and father of Laura Ledlie and Cara Condra

Leon Marsha, Jr. (3.13.20) - parishioner, husband of Natalie Marsha, and father of Stephanie McCabe and Cecelia Zimmerman

Vincent Martin (3.6.20) - brother of Regina Spell

Anne George Wheat McCollum (5.1.20) - mother of Ken Wheat

Diane McDougall (4.4.20) - parishioner

Leona Melson (5.10.20) - parishioner

Edward Moise (4.10.20) - father of Ashley Darnall

Ernest Nauful (4.28.20) - parishioner and husband of Brenda Nauful

Grady North, Sr.  (5.6.20) - parishioner and husband of Stephanie North

Josiah M. Patterson (5.28.20) - grandson of Ruth and Robert Patterson

Joseph J. Powell (6.25.20) - brother of Dennis Powell

William Pugh (4.30.20) - father of Steve Pugh

Margaret Rogers (6.10.20) - mother of Dan Rogers

William Rutledge (4.16.20) - father of Pam Brown

John Smith (6.18.20) - parishioner and husband of Rosemary Smith

Jerrilyn Winterstein (5.2.20) - mother of Tom Winterstein

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