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Legion of Mary

Members of Saint Joseph Catholic Church are invited to join The Legion of Mary. The Legion is a balanced program of prayer and service for Catholics. Works include visiting those who are sick in hospitals and/or nursing homes as well as ‘shutins’. The Legion sponsors rosaries for the deceased and “Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus” in parish homes. The Legion meets once a week on Wednesdays from 8:30 AM – 10 AM in the Senior Life Center. Members perform a few hours of work each week in pairs.

Contact Frieda Campbell at 803.608.3843.

​Frieda Campbell

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What is it?

The Legion of Mary is an association of Catholic men and women who, with the sanction of the Church and under the powerful leadership of Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of All Graces, have formed themselves into a Legion for service in the warfare which is perpetually being waged by the Church against the forces of evil.

What are the aims of Legion of Mary?

The Legion’s aims are to:

1. Increase the personal holiness of its members through the imitation of the virtues of Mary.

2. Foster a deeper devotion to Mary among all people.

3. Undertake various apostolic works.

What does it do?

What does it do? It makes its members better Catholics, first of all, through a balanced program of prayer and service in union with the Holy Spirit as he operates through Mary, Mother of the Church.  Works include door-to-door evangelization, parish visitation projects, youth work and other spiritual needs of the parish and community.  It gives Catholics from 8 years up an opportunity to do something positive for the Church while at the same time deepening their spiritual life and strengthening their Catholic Faith.

How does it work?

Members meet together once a week for prayer, planning and discussion in a family setting; they spend a couple of hours in definite work each week in pairs and under the guidance of a spiritual director.  There are 2 types of services within the Legion of Mary: Active members and Auxiliary members.  Active members go out to the community to give spiritual support and communion to those who are sick and those who cannot come to church.  Auxiliary members are our prayer partners. They do not do active work, but pray for the active members to support them in their mission.

Who can belong?

No one - for the first 3 months!  There is an easing-in period so you can see how work or family obligations blend with the tried and proven system of the Legion.  Any Catholic, young, not-so-young, single, married, retired, who would like to draw closer to Jesus and His Mother is welcome to give it a try.

How do I start?

By being a guest at a meeting.  You are invited to come and see the Legion from the inside.  And you can go as a guest if you wish on one of the work assignments with an experienced member.  You won't need a lot of talent, or great intelligence or even a feeling of being capable!  What you will need is a willingness to sacrifice a little of your time and energy for the greatest reason in the world: your love of God.       

What must one do to be a member?

There are two types of membership; First, the active member who attends a weekly meeting and does two hours of  apostolic work each week  and second, the auxiliary or praying member.

What are the duties of the auxiliary member?

The duties are the daily recitation of the Rosary; the daily recitation of the Tessera prayers.

How does one become an auxiliary member?

E-Mail your name, address and telephone number to , and we will place your name on a probationary roll for three months.  After that you will be contacted to see if you have been able to say the prayers.  If so, you will be placed on the permanent list of auxiliary members.

Are those prayers offered to Mary?

No, these prayers are offered for the intentions of our Blessed Mother.  If one has already promised to say a daily Rosary for a certain intention, is it necessary to say another one?  No, persons whose daily rosary is firmly bound to particular intentions may become auxiliary members without saying an additional Legion rosary prayer

What advantages are there to being an auxiliary member?

1. Auxiliary members share in all the prayers and works of the millions of active members throughout the world.

2 After death they share in the thousands of Masses offered each November by all the Praesidia of the Legion of Mary throughout the world for the repose of all active and auxiliary members.

3. Auxiliary members gain all the indulgence attached to the saying off the Rosary and also to the aspirations and prayers included in the Tessera.

What is the value of an Auxiliary Membership the Legion?

The auxiliaries offer the Legion the priceless backing of their prayers. Although they are not in the active ranks, nevertheless they play an essential part to that of the ammunition workers and supply the troops in the armed forces, without which the fighting forces are powerless.

Are there any dues, or any meetings to attend?

 No, there are no dues, and the auxiliary members are not bound to attend any meetings. 

Is there any age limit in membership?

 No, persons of any age may be auxiliaries if they are able to say the required prayers.

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