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As parishioners, we are asked to give our time, treasure and talent to our Church, and we are in need of your time!  As we have shared, we are moving back into the Church for Masses and need volunteers to assist with the entrance and seating of parishioners.

We are asking that you prayerfully consider assisting. Those who volunteer will be given guaranteed seating for that Mass for up to 3 additional family members. Volunteers will need to arrive 45 mins prior to Mass starting.

Volunteers are needed for:

5:30 PM- (arrival time at 4:45 PM)

8:00 AM - (arrival time at 7:15 AM)

10:30 AM - (arrival time at 9:45 AM)

12:15 PM - (arrival time at 11:45 AM)

Dan Wagner

803.254.7646 ext.422​

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