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Rev. Msgr. Richard Harris, V.G.
Father William Frei
Parochial Vicar
Sr. Mary Cecile Swanton, C.S.JB.
Director of Spiritual Development
Mary Sue Barnum
Front Desk Receptionist
Katie Bennett
Front Desk Receptionist
Amy Buddin
Bookkeeping Clerk
Adrienne Carroll
Business Manager
David Cochrane
Director of Music
Brad Cunningham
Adam Fisher
Coordinator of Rites 
Tawfiq Hodaly
Director of Facilities
Ben Jett
Director of Religious Education
Mindy McBurney
Office Administrator & Asst. to the Pastor
Tom Militello
Director of Youth Ministry
Blair Pugh
Event Coordinator
Jamie Vickrey
Director of Ministries/Website/Social Media
Dan Wagner
Liturgical Director
Donna Watson
Director of Finance
Donavan Yarnall
Principal of St. Joseph School
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