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Gift Bearer Sign-up

We Invite You to Be Gift Bearers


During Mass, there’s a little moment that often goes unnoticed.  After the collection baskets are passed, there is a very meaningful part of the Mass: members of our parish carry the gifts of bread, wine and the offertory to the priest. The entire congregation is represented by those who bear the gifts.  Through this act, we return to God a small part of the many blessings that He has given to us.  What a wonderful way to express thanks and joy to God by bearing these gifts!


Many times people bring up the gifts to commemorate a special event (e.g., Baptism of a child), service to the community (e.g., Veterans’ Day), or for a special remembrance (e.g., remembering a loved one who is with the Lord). 


At this time, we ask that you not sign up more frequently than once every two months.   For more information, please contact Dan Wagner at 803.254.7646 or

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