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From The Organ Bench

The St. Joseph Organ Committee, having completed its goals over the course of three years (2019-2022), hands the reigns over to the 75th Anniversary Organ Project Campaign Committee. Organ committee members who served were Ashley Darnall, Dr. Michael Dickson, Kathy and Howard Ellstrom, Tawfiq Hodaly, Carol and Jed Shropshire, with David Cochrane, Brad Cunningham, and Msgr. Harris as staff representatives, and Scott Riedel of Riedel and Associates, professional consultant. The two most important goals the organ committee achieved were 1) decide on the type of key action, electro-pneumatic vs. mechanical (tracker), and 2) select an organ builder. The committee was unanimous in its recommendation to build a mechanical (tracker) organ and that C.B. Fisk of Gloucester, Mass. be the builder. Thank you for your service to our parish!

There is some carryover from the organ committee to the 75th Anniversary Organ Project Campaign Committee. Members include Ashley Darnall, Dr. Lamontte Luker, Kate Maroney, Michael and Rebecca Seezen, Jed Shropshire, David Cochrane and Brad Cunningham as staff representatives, and Msgr. Harris and Adrienne Carroll overseeing the work of this committee. The committee held its organizational meeting Thursday, Oct. 26. They are charged with the task of praying for and helping secure pledges for the building of a new pipe organ. Pray for them! Stay tuned. Brad Cunningham - Organist


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