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From The Organ Bench - No. 13 of 14

What might a new pipe organ look like in St. Joseph Church?

St. Joseph Church is a beautiful place of worship. It is a testimony of our belief in God and our Catholic faith. Its stunning architecture makes a statement to all who pass by. When entering the nave, one is immediately drawn into a different world. It is easy to spot visitors before Mass begins. They are overcome with the beauty that surrounds them and spend time looking up, gazing on the rich variety of colors and architectural elements. The dream is to

create this same sense of awe and wonder, a stunning visual impact in the gallery of the church.

The design is inspired by the casework of the Aristide Cavaillé-Coll organ built in 1859 for St.

Clotilde Church, Paris. You are invited to go to to see an image of both the St. Clotilde Church organ case and our proposed St. Joseph organ case. Like the St. Joseph Church, the proposed organ case design is Gothic. Pray for God’s blessing for a new St. Joseph pipe organ. St. Joseph pray for us!


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