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From The Organ Bench - No. 14 of 14

The surest way of discerning God’s will regarding the new pipe organ project is to take the project to our parish and request that the people give sacrificially. When God told Solomon to build a temple in Jerusalem, Solomon sent word to the people to bring their tithes and gifts to the storehouse. Their sacrificial giving made it possible to build the temple. We are ready to test God’s will by asking parishioners to respond generously. Beginning in early December, there will be a series of small group meetings to discuss, in further detail, how to move the dream for a new pipe organ forward, including how much money would be needed to build a new instrument. The organ builder has given us five cost options beginning with an instrument with a very basic number of voices and ranks of pipes, and progressing in number of voices and ranks, to a fifth option – our dream organ. Therefore, we have several cost options depending on how God’s people respond. St. Joseph, pray for us! Brad Cunningham, Organist


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