Senior Life

At St. Joseph, Seniors are an essential part of the Parish Family. The Senior Life Ministry both ministers to our Seniors and provides ways for Seniors to minister to others.


Purpose: Promote service to others and provide religious experiences, recreational, educational and cultural opportunities and community involvement.

Membership: Open to all parishioners 55 years and older. There is NO fee to be a member. 

Email us at to get involved! 



Contact: Anne Sakara 803.736.3535

Scheduled weekly - Bridge, Mah Jongg. Other activities and social gatherings. 

(Bridge Contact: Dolores Brown 803.776.6333)

Bereavement Group

Beverly Stricklin 803.463.3993 /Beverly Seely 803.807.6777

Lends support to parishioners on the death of a family member by attending the Vigil Service (the Rosary) and/or Funeral Mass.  


Contact: Angie Kempson 803.776.7230


Religious Activities/Retreats

Contact: Open

Yearly Retreat and lectures about the Catholic Faith. 

Respite Care/Outreach

Contact: Terry Skelley 772.215.1966

Provides relief to caregivers for approximately 4 hours per week (Thursdays)


Contact: Beverly Seely 803.807.6777

Telephone Committee

Contact: Diane Mubarak 803.429.0900 /Sue Cluxton 803.782.2202

Contacts senior parishioners and strive to communicate with those in need.


Contact: Mary Sue Barnum 803.622.5259


Trips and Tours!

Contact: Dave Murday 803.254.1224

One day and multi-day trips.  Trips are open to ALL!

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Senior Life At It's Best!

Seniors' Trip to Mepkin Abbey

December 4, 2019

​(click on picture to see photos!)

St. Joseph Seniors Take on Hendersonville 2019!

September 4, 2019

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Our Seniors take on Charlotte!

April 10, 2019

​(click on picture to see photos!)

Our Bridge Group celebrates Christmas!

December 17, 2018

​(click on picture to see photos!)

Sr. Life Visits Our Lady of Joyful Hope

December 5, 2018

​(click on picture to see photos!)

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