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Gilmore Senior Life Center

The Gilmore Senior Life Center is the epicenter of St. Joseph's Senior Life program. Nearly every day of the week, there are activities and programs offered for the Senior members of our parish.  Bridge, bible studies, luncheons, information gatherings and Respite Care all occur in the Gilmore Senior Life Center.


Thanks to the generosity of the late Mrs. Margaret Gilmore, our Senior Life program is benefitting greatly from her tremendous gift of a center for all of their activities. These beautiful facilities are even furnished with some of Margaret's treasures, thanks to the kind donation by Ruth Lee and Carlos Lam, friends of Mrs. Gilmore.  


Margaret Gilmore was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi and attended St. Matthews Parochial School in Monroe, La.  She retired from the Internal Revenue Service after many years of employment.  She was predeceased by Marion Lowrance Gilmore, a native of Columbia, who passed away in 1984.  Mrs. Gilmore lived until she was 94 years old and loved volunteering for Meals on Wheels, the Historic Columbia Foundation and Providence Hospital.  

Margaret and Marion Gilmore


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